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                  Hunan Grain and Oil Economic Work Conference 2019, Party Conduct Construction and Anti-Corruption Work Conference held smoothly

                  Creation date:2019-3-29 15:51:16


                  On March 29, Hunan Provincial Grain, Oil and Food Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. held a meeting on economic work in 2019, on the construction of a clean and honest Party conduct and on anti-corruption work. Summarize the work in 2018 and deploy the tasks in 2019. Mobilize all staff and workers to maintain strategic determination, strengthen confidence in development, do solid work, play a steady and steady role, embody new responsibilities and new actions in high-quality development, and start the third entrepreneurship of grain and oil. The meeting was presided over by Hu Jiuzhou, Deputy General Manager of Grain and Oil Group.

                  Zhu Zhifang, General Manager of the Group, made an annual report on behalf of the leading group. The report points out that in 2018, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the Group Company and the strong support of all employees, the annual task targets issued by the Group were overfulfilled and good results were achieved. The report reads: "Innovation is the support to seek transformation and upgrading. We should build a professional and modern supply chain service platform for import and export of medical devices, speed up the pace of mergers and acquisitions, seize market share, build a foothold in expanding and strengthening the medical circulation business, and take reform as the driving force to enhance the vitality of enterprises. Perfect the performance appraisal system. We will further optimize the headquarters structure, staffing and post settings, make arduous efforts and devote a lot of effort to successfully complete the separation and transfer of "three supplies and one industry". We will always take security, strong management and stability as the starting point and foothold of all our work. Five aspects summarize the main work in 2018. The report analyses the problems existing in the development and requires grain and oil people to recognize the situation and enhance their sense of crisis. Turn pressure into power. Implementing the key tasks in 2019: first, steadily promoting the development of the traditional sector; second, strengthening and enlarging the scale of the medical sector; third, strengthening risk prevention and control and strengthening standardized management; fourth, extending the scope of business to find new growth points; fifth, strengthening the collection of accounts receivable; sixth, deepening reform and enhancing development vitality; seventh, strict cost control to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement; and eighth, taking safety as the basis. Guarantee and promote healthy development; Ninth, promote information management with high efficiency and low cost.

                  Tang Mingqing, head of discipline inspection and supervision of the group, wrote a report entitled "Promoting the overall development of the work of the Provincial Grain and Oil Group by upholding the general situation of discipline and promoting the overall development of the work". The report pointed out that: first, we should highlight political discipline and strengthen the political responsibility of the Party; second, we should highlight the key points of discipline implementation, improve the quality of supervision in an all-round way, strictly manage the "four winds" problem, and work hard on strengthening daily supervision; We should highlight the "four forms" and always maintain a high pressure of punishment against corruption. Fourthly, we should consolidate the positive and negative effects of education and maintain a sense of awe. Fifthly, we should highlight our own construction and build a loyal and clean team to act as discipline inspection and supervision.

                  Qiu Weizuo, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee of the Group, is a report entitled "Actively responding to environmental changes and promoting the high-quality development of the Grain and Oil Group". Encourage everyone to boost their spirits, seek new development, strive for innovative achievements and achieve new leaps and bounds. Specifically speaking, first, we should accurately grasp the internal and external environment of economic development; second, we should firmly promote the confidence of high-quality development of grain and oil groups; third, we should seize the policy opportunities for development; fourth, we should further strengthen the Party's construction and discipline inspection and supervision.

                  Wang Weiyi, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Hunan Modern Agricultural Industry Holding Group, was invited to attend the meeting and make a speech. He fully affirmed the contribution of grain and oil group to social and economic development since its establishment, and put forward five specific requirements on how to strengthen and expand grain and oil group better, faster and more steadily: first, to find a new position and actively adapt to the new needs of development; second, to clarify the new direction and create new advantages of grain and oil; third, to strengthen team building, not sticking to the one-size-fits-down talent; fourth, to adhere to the leadership of Party building. Fifthly, we should strengthen positive incentives to enable entrepreneurs to gain benefits and honor.

                  At the meeting, the enterprise affiliated to the group, the head of the headquarters Department and the staff of discipline inspection and supervision submitted respectively to Qiu Wei, the Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the group, the annual target management responsibility letter, the annual target responsibility letter of ideological work, the party conduct and clean government construction responsibility letter, the enterprise production and operation responsibility letter, the enterprise safety production responsibility letter and the comprehensive management year of social management. Target Management Responsibility Letter.

                  More than 37 people participated in the meeting, including members of the Party Committee of the Group, members of the leading group of the units affiliated to the Group and heads of the headquarters departments of the Group.

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